Infusion Pump

Syringe / Infusion Pump BeneFusion VP5 Infusion Pump Features The BeneFusion VP5 has been designed to facilitate comprehensive solution for clinical use, with its accuracy, safety feature and intuitive design, BeneFusion VP5 is capable to be a powerful partner for intravenous infusion.       .3.5” Color Screen providing multi information on one page.Dose Error […]

Mindray USG DP-50

Mindray USG DP-50 System USG Mindray’s new generation of black & white ultrasound system, DP-50, is equipped with advanced imaging technologies allowing deeper penetration and faster image acquisition with higher resolution.  A smart new shape, enhanced mobility and convenient operation make DP-50 well suited for all clinical settings. Performance PSHI™(Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging) It must […]

Mindray USG Z8

Mindray USG Z8 – 4D Color Doppler A well balanced ultrasound system, Z8 demonstrates an ideal combination of image enhancing technologies and convenient workflow applications, packaged together in a portable system built with budget constraints in mind. Performance 3D/4D Imaging Including 3D/4D imaging features providing fast and easy image volume view from any direction. PSH™ […]

Mindray USG DC-N3 PRO

Mindray USG DC-N3 PRO Ultrasound system DC-N3 PRO is the answer for your requirements of high image quality, versatility and affordability. The best in class, DC-N3 PRO, is truly a redefinition of the base, providing you with much more than just an ordinary ultrasound imaging system. With advanced features and the most competitive price in […]

Mindray USG DC-39 Full HD

Mindray USG DC-39 Full HD Full HD concept: a higher solution beyond expectation‘Full HD’ is a progressive solution to fulfill the demands from you, who devotes for better primary healthcare service. It is believed that, even under limited condition, ultrasound system deserve to have clarity of imaging, ease of use and guarantee of reliability for […]

Mindray USG Resona 7

Mindray USG Resona 7 Since the company was founded, Mindray has been continuously exploring new ways to improve diagnostic confidence. Powered by the most revolutionary ZONE Sonography® Technology, Resona 7’s new ZST+ platform brings ultrasound image quality to a higher level by zone acquisition and channel data processing. As well as the premium level image […]