Thermal lesion with the LG2 lesion generator

Modern generator for pain therapy and functional neurosurgery

The LG2 is the new, portable radio frequency (RF) lesion generator from inomed with an attractive design, graphical touch-screen surface, remote control and much more.
A large number of instruments for different application modes can be connected to the two-channel RF lesion generator. Matching TC electrodes and cannulas >> complete the inomed product portfolio for pain therapy. TC Brain electrodes complement the product portfolio for use in functional neurosurgery.

Lesion generator with extensive features for precise thermal lesion

The LG2 lesion generator is a modern and portable RF lesion generator for all common lesion techniques (continuous RF and pulsed RF with several control modes) in pain therapy and functional neurosurgery . All critical application parameters are permanently monitored by the device, which ensures maximum safety and maximum ease of use for thermal lesions.

All mono- and bipolar TC electrodes from inomed can be used with the LG2 lesion generator. The LG2 has two separate RF channels that can be operated independently of each other. The combination of two monopolar electrodes for bipolar use is possible. 

The temperature control of the LG2 lesion generator enables the implementation of controlled thermal lesions. The volume of the lesion is defined by the diameter of the cannula, the size of the active tip and the target temperature and is thus reproducible. A built-in temperature sensor in the tip of the TC electrode continuously measures the temperature occurring in the tissue. The LG2 lesion generator can be operated in the modes continuous RF delivery with temperature control or temperature profile or pulsed RF delivery with control of temperature, pulse duration or voltage.

I ntegrated electrical stimulation and impedance measurement

In addition to the RF output, it is possible to localize and differentiate between sensory and motor nerves with electrical stimulation for even more precise electrode positioning. With the LG2 lesion generator, thermal lesions, electrical stimulation and impedance measurement can be achieved quickly, precisely and safely.

Thermal lesion procedure to reduce chronic pain

Interventional pain therapy uses minimally invasive procedures with the aim of permanently reducing chronic pain through selective interruption or changes in the pain conduction of the affected nerve tracts. This is done either by targeted drug injection or by interrupting the conduction of pain using minimally invasive neurodestructive procedures – thermal lesion or cryolesion.