Clover Series

Excellence For All


The world first internet based laptop ultrasound supports remote diagnosis and real-time teleconsultation with images, audio and video.

Sharing Trough Phone

HOLO™ Platform

Cutting edge beamforming technology.

Max 5,000 frames/s raw data

Excellent image quality

HOLO™ Platform

HOLO™ PW supports 3 PW images in real time. After freezing, the SV position can be re-imaged arbitrarily, and the stenosis measurement are more accurate in the same cardiac cycle.

Ultra-wide Steer Angle

The beam with ultra-wide steer angle, minimum step adjustment 1°, precisely match the shape of the blood vessel, obtain stronger Doppler signal, providing excellent spectrum, blood flow image.

Auto Doppler

Intelligently find the position of the blood vessel, identify the direction of the blood vessel, and automatically set the B, Color and PW correction angle to improve the operation efficiency.


Spatial-Time Speckle Reduction Technology

Bigger data analysis based on both spatial and time spatial and time dimensions, realizing precise noise reduction, improving signal-to-noise ratio and achieving excellent images.


Well-prepared Transducer Group

Clover provides a full range of transducers for all parts of children or adults, providing a more comprehensive diagnostic solution. The user-friendly median line design makes it easy for doctors to accurately position the needle during out of plane puncture.

Durable Magnalium Alloy Body

The high-strength magnesium-aluminum alloy Shell is sturdy and durable, escorting every bedside diagnosis.


Dedicated Trolley and Suitcase

Extreme mobility meets the needs for different clinical scenarios