Ultimate image, Intelligent Navigation


Tri-joint Arm for Omni-adjustment

Meet the special placement requirements of the TEE probe
with one knob to lock up all three joints

Industry Largest Full Touch Screen Display


Support Liquid Disinfection
Multi-touch Operation

Minimal Panel for Clinical Customization

High Sensitivity Waterproof Trackball
Multi-function Joystick

4Transducer Connectors

Easy to plug in and out

Expand your application

Electric Height Lift with One Button


Durable and quiet motor

Whole-day Battery Backup

Extremely long battery life
Independent time display screen

wiNerve AI Intelligent Nerve Recognition

Real-time Recognition
Cloud Solution
Support Multiple Nerves

wiShow—Teaching Recording

Support USB Live Camera.
Simultaneously Record Scanning Gesture, Ultrasound Images and Voice .
On-site Projector Teaching for Long Time Recording.


wiGuide-Magnetic Needle Tracking Technology

Support In-plane and Out-of-plane Puncture
Real-time Positioning
Real-time Spatial 3D Graphical Guidelines

wiNeedle – Intelligent Needle Enhancement Technology

Automatic beam steering
Intelligent needle tip and shaft detection


wiLearn – Education Center

Comprehensive Teaching Content
Detailed Operation Steps
Online learning, Anatomy, Ultrasound Graphics

Labat Probe Family

Full-range probes for versatile applications